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Currently MENTORS manages the following projects (2002-2003):

  • Community Initiative for Student Success (CISS):
    This is a program for students between the ages of 4 to 12 who are under suspension and in need of help. We provide counseling by cultural counselors, psychologists, social workers, and peers. The program is dedicated to reducing the chance of re-suspension and keeping an ongoing relationship with the student and family in order to reinforce the learning that has taken place.
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  • Toronto Response for Youth (TRY):
    This program is targeted towards Muslim and non-Muslim youth who are out of school and out of work. The participants attend weekly sessions with the purpose of developing leadership skills. We work closely with over forty agencies in order to successfully help the youth make the transition from training to employment. We are currently embarking into our second year of this very successful program. (TRY Final Report 2002)
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    Through public education targeted at children and youth, we will be proactively addressing the current widespread incidents of discrimination, harassment, hate crimes and racial profiling directed against Arab, South Asian, Afghani and Muslim Canadians as the result of the September 11 tragedy. By developing anti-racism and anti- Islamophobia resource kits and workshops, our focus will be on promoting an inclusive model of multiculturalism and citizenship and developing tolerance and greater cross-cultural understanding among children and youth. The long term impact expected would be less incidents of racially motivated hate crimes.

    There is also a lack of programming to assist children and youth to develop culturally-sensitive means of conflict resolution so that racially-motivated incidents or hate crimes can be avoided. Children and youth need specific resources and programming that will enable them to develop non-violent responses to racially or ethnically motivated conflicts so as to avoid further provocation.

    It is a project that will bring people together to increase their awareness of community issues, encourage them to get involved and educate them about the benefit of community engagement. The focus is on building individual capacity to influence change for the betterment of their communities, themselves and their families. It is about dismantling the barriers to access of opportunities in the public and private sectors. It is about improving the quality of life of the individual and of creating healthy communities.

    It involves building partnerships with neighbourhood groups;
    Our goal is to:
    • Identify areas within the city that have groups with a history of community activism.
    • Organize workshops about the structure of governments and other institutions in the private and public sectors with statutory power or with powers to influence public policy.
    • Facilitate discussion about how individuals can participate in an be informed about the processes of decision making at all levels of governments.
    • Do needs assessment to gather ideas and input that will lead to the development of a project document.
    • Encourage partners in this project to be inclusive in their selection of participants for the training. Consideration must be given to the ethnic and racial background of the local population.

    One of the main goals of education should be to empower young people, to help them to learn, relate, act and live effectively. Home-based learning is one alternative that provides enough flexibility for individuals to control their own learning agendas and MENTORS will aid parents in the process of home schooling by providing the necessary resources upon request, informative workshops, and guidance.

      Family literacy programs provide parents with the opportunity to pursue their own educational goals. Quality of life for families, including income levels and employment status, is directly related to the literacy levels of parents. Family literacy programs build on family and community strengths. Family Literacy is also about developing stronger relationships between parents and children. It is about getting parents involved in their childrens education.Family literacy seeks effective, long-term solutions by building creatively on existing services and resources: individual, family, community, agency, and government.

      A program that will empower parents to take their children’s education into their own hands. MENTORS will host workshops on Pragmatic Parenting Skills and the an opportunity for networking with other parents in the School Advisory Councils and Parent Teacher Associations (PTA).

      MENTORS to assist parents with infants or toddlers 0 to 4 years old in their development have initiated this program. The program will enable stay at home parents to acquire knowledge about Early Learning skills that they then can use to prepare their children for school and an opportunity to interact with other parents within the community and participate in the learning experience.

    Is program of MENTORS that is run in partnership with George Brown College and the Teacher Education Program at the Ontario Institute for Studies In Education (OISE). The institute was established in 2001 to assist foreign trained teachers acquire the skills and knowledge about the Ontario school system and the role of the teacher in it. The Institute also offers foundational education courses to untrained immigrant teachers in private schools in order to increase their effectiveness and the chance of being accepted into the Teacher education program at OISE or York University.

    • Information and curriculum packages that impart Islamic knowledge, culture and practices
    • Workshop leaders to speak on issues of ethno-cultural equity and informative displays
    • Assistance in organizing visits to Islamic centres and places of worship
    • Resource list of facilities, services, and information on Islamic culture and practices
    • Workshops for teachers, librarians, media personnel, and other professionals on issues relevant to Islam, the Muslim world, and Muslims in Canada

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