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Accepting the Challenge

The Mandate of MENTORS is to facilitate community development and capacity building through the provision of educational services.

The city of Toronto is an exciting community. It is made up of a vibrant mosaic of peoples from around the world.

Toronto's schools now reflect the changing reality in Canada with a school population that speaks many languages, practices different religions, and comes from diverse social and cultural backgrounds.

Living, working, and learning together in harmony is a challenge for students and their families.

The Toronto District School Board has, over the years, responded to this challenge by moving forward to accommodate the needs of its changing community by providing policies and programs to promote "an atmosphere of acceptance for people of all cultures, faiths, languages and the full range of Canadian heritages.

MENTORS is a Muslim organization seeking accommodation for Muslim students within the public school system. MENTORS was founded in 1996 as the Muslim School Advisory and Support Group for the Scarborough Board of Education. It aimed to assist the Scarborough Board by providing policy advice on issues impacting Muslims and to provide support for Muslim parents and students.

Since amalgamation in 1999, MENTORS has provided services for the entire Toronto District School Board.

We work to make sure Muslims in the public school system have recognition and respect from their peers and teachers, and will be able to practice their faith without any negative consequences.

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