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Who We Are

Muslim Educational Network, Training and Outreach Service (MENTORS) is a not-for-profit Muslim organization that provides professional support to Muslim schools, teachers and students and seeks accommodation for Muslim students within the public school system. MENTORS was founded in 1996.

Organizational Structure

MENTORS has an elected board of 9 directors. Our directors are drawn from teachers, educators, parents and students from across the Greater Toronto Area.

Currently, MENTORS has one core staff member and numerous committees and volunteers that support our organization. As we continue to expand services offered we are looking to hire an additional two core staff members. In 2002 MENTORS had a membership of 100.

What We Do

  • We assist educators in the execution of their responsibilities.
  • We provide policy advice and information on the Islamic faith.
  • We deal with issues impacting Muslim students and families.
  • We provide support to Muslim parents and students
  • We provide support to Islamic schools and other Islamic Centers

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